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7 Best Ship Designs to Build in Minecraft 1.19 Update

The Minecraft building community has been unmatched for a decade. Other survival titles are unable to fully catch up with the game’s building mechanics and the freedom it gives its players.

Players can build almost anything they can imagine in Minecraft, from mansions and entire countries to cars and castles. One of the most creative designs in the game is a navy-themed build like a single ship or a fleet of ships.

Since Minecraft has nothing more advanced than wooden boats, dolphins, or ice for water transport, the idea of ​​building a custom ship/submarine can be an enticing prospect for players.

This article lists seven builds that feature great designs for building ships in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

VOC Batavia, Viking ship and 5 other innovative ship designs players can try out in Minecraft 1.19

1) Basic ship

Let’s start with a basic build that most beginners can replicate. The design of this construct appears to be heavily influenced by the wreckage structure found in many bodies of water throughout the Overworld.

The interior of the ship was modeled as a one-person living space. It has the essential basics for players to survive and use in a base of operations.

However, the entire base is custom made from oak wood, with logs for the mast and crow’s nest. White wool was used to make the sail. A single stripped birch log was placed along the fences, with a knob to represent the bar.

2) Miniature ship

This design features a small ship placed on a beautiful exterior, consisting of an oasis-like area with plants, vines, bushes, a small shelter, and a dock.

The ship itself is an advanced version of the basic design that was seen in the first entry on this list. It is made of blocks of different wood species and has a single mast, with tinted glass sails.

Lanterns are visible on the bridge for lighting, and the player has used several millstones to represent an anchor.

3) Batavia VOC

This build features a 1:1 replica of the Batavia, a 17th century ship used by the Dutch East India Company. It is quite detailed and is almost entirely made using different types of wooden planks.

The ship also includes five Dutch flags made using different colored wool blocks, aside from a few Jack O’Lanterns and fences used for a ton of exterior detail.

4) Naval House

As the title suggests, this construction is a combination of a ship and a house. The house is on the ground and the design of the ship is integrated above, springing from the roof and displaying its colors in all their glory.

The base of the construction is surrounded by custom-made trees, while the roof of the house is made of warped boards and warped logs.

The ship’s detailed design features blue flags made from wool, white sails and banners that fall home.

5) Latin ship

This Minecraft build is based on the classic ‘lateen’ shipbuilding design, with the sails being pointed and identical to each other.

Much like the actual design, each component of the ship is quite symmetrical. As for construction materials, most of the ship is made of spruce and oak wood, while the sails are made of white wool.

6) Viking ship

This Minecraft ship design is based on one of the most popular seafaring communities of all time: the Vikings.

The most recognizable part of the ship is the hull structure, which, like many Viking Age ships, has been carved into a dragon (much like a medieval ship). The oars were made using wooden slabs, while the sails are made using banners.

7) Navy Aircraft Carrier

This Minecraft build features a gigantic and amazingly detailed aircraft carrier, complete with radio tower, fighter jets, helicopters, jeeps and other building complexes.

The design is based on the USS Nimitz, which is owned by the United States Navy and is one of the largest warships ever built.

Another photo of the construction of the aircraft carrier (Image via reddit/u/nrkheck)
Another photo of the construction of the aircraft carrier (Image via reddit/u/nrkheck)

The construction mainly uses gray and white blocks. It also uses other blocks like Diorite, Cobblestone, Andesite, Stone, Bricks, Blackstone, Anvils, Grindstones, Obsidian, Buttons, Quartz and more.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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