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A study carried out on the Calcasieu sea channel shows the depth of the economic impact

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Study reveals good news about one of Southwest Louisiana’s economic engines. The study was carried out on the Calcasieu shipping channel located at the port of Lake Charles.

“Through the taxes we pay to the local and state economy, these are all the benefits that are generated by the canal,” said Navigation director Channing Hayden.

Owned, leased and operated by Calcasieu Ship Channel – this is where the marine terminals are located on which many industries depend.

A 2020 economic impact study studied the influence of the maritime channel on the parishes of Cameron and Calcasieu.

“The last time we did a study like this was in 2017,” Hayden said. “So we are trying to update it. It’s been about five years. Conditions have changed. We have one LNG facility operating and one online, and we are planning several more. “

According to the study conducted by Martin Associates, nationally, the chain generates $ 39 billion of US gross domestic product and two-thirds of the gross domestic product of the parishes of Calcasieu and Cameron.

“This means that 67% of the local economy is generated by the Calcasieu sea channel,” said Hayden. “This means that 67%, or 67 cents, of every dollar in our pockets in Cameron and Calcasieu Parish comes from the Sea Channel.”

This impact is something Hayden calls a substantial economic driver for the local economy. The Sea Canal has supported more than 100,000 jobs in Louisiana, and 42,000 of those jobs are in the parishes of Calcasieu and Cameron.

“Half of the jobs at Calcasieu and Cameron Parish come from the Calcasieu shipping channel,” said Hayden. “The jobs generated are high paying jobs that pay an average of about $ 95,000 per year compared to the state average of $ 46,000 per year.”

Hayden said the number of high-paying jobs may double as the chain continues to grow.

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