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For the past few weeks, children have been enjoying a new play structure at the Randolph County YMCA Union City Childcare Center. A large arch-shaped wooden structure was permanently moored outside the center where the ship sparked the imaginations of the children who became its crew. Whether they imagine they are pirates, or aboard Noah’s Ark, or any number of other seafaring fantasies, few are aware of the journey this ship has made to arrive at its new home.

While on a trip to the Ivy Tech University campus in Richmond, Indiana to hammer out some of the details of Union City’s collaboration with the University on the Vision Corner project, Mayor Chad’s eyes Spence spotted a large wooden ship that had been built by students from the school’s Building Construction Technology program. Impressed with their work, Spence asked about the arch-like construction and discovered that Ivy Tech was looking for a home for the ship. “When I heard that, I wanted the ship in Union City and started thinking about where we could put it,” Spence said.

“At first I was thinking about the park,” he continued. “Then I realized that, in the park, it would be exposed to the weather from all sides, which would shorten its life and require regular repairs,” he explains. “The open nature of the park would also increase the risk of vandalism,” he added.

“Then I thought about daycare. It will be perfect. The location is better protected from the weather and is also less accessible to vandalism,” said the mayor. “The Union City Child Care Center has been such a blessing to the community in helping meet the child care needs of our citizens,” Spence continued. “I contacted the YMCA of Randolph County to see if they would be interested, and soon after, Ivy Tech offered the ship to the YMCA Union City Child Care Center of Randolph County,” he said. -he explains.

“It was an incredible donation,” the mayor said. “With current prices, I can’t imagine what it would cost the City to build something like this,” he added. “The only cost to the city in this project was to transport it from Richmond to Union City and install it,” Spence explained. “We would like to thank Steven Johnson and the Johnson Towing Service for all their assistance in moving the Ark to the daycare,” Mayor Spence said.

“Kids love it,” said Janelle Hill, director of Union City Childcare. “We would like to thank Ivy Tech University, Mayor Spence, and all of the city officials and others who helped make this possible,” she added. This generous gift built by Ivy Tech students will remain a staple of the Union City Child Care Center play area, fueling the imaginations and fantasies of local children for years to come. .