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Apex Legends player is eliminated by Respawn Ship

Dropships in Apex Legends are tasked with getting players back into a match after Legends are eliminated, but apparently these dropships can also do the elimination themselves. A player only found out this week when a dropship took over and threw the player out of the circle with no way to get back fast enough to avoid being knocked out by environmental damage.

This almost unprecedented meeting was shared by Summit player and redditor Bag_imaginary_6811 this week in a clip from the game’s subreddit aptly titled “Beware the Spawn Ship.” This showed the player playing as Valkyrie, a legend who is probably one of the only ones who can find themselves in this kind of situation. They took off in their ultimate as Valkyrie to reposition themselves inside the next circle, but the dropship had other plans.

Beware of the spawn ship 🤦‍♂️ from
legends at the top

This interaction happened due to how quickly dropships take off after completing their primary goal of bringing players back to a match. It would naturally seem like you were out of their way until they set sail for the start of the Apex Games, and that ship’s path just crossed with Valkyrie’s.

The player in question could have probably saved themselves by using Valkyrie’s jetpack ability to regain control in mid-air, but considering how quickly it all happened and how fast the player moved after being cast, it’s not hard to imagine someone being out of action until they realize they’re taking damage.

It’s kind of ironic that this happens to Valkyrie of All Legends as well, considering how we’ve seen videos time and time again before of this legend using her ultimate to ambush players exiting dropships before they even they cannot touch the ground. However, this is by no means an issue exclusive to Valkyrie players even though it is an extremely rare situation that someone finds themselves in. In response to this post, another player shared a clip of someone else play on Olympus instead of Kings Canyon, which makes the dropship encounter much more perilous since there are so many places to get knocked off the map.

In other Summit news, the developers just recently announced the start of another event that will begin soon. It will come with more cosmetics to purchase and rewards to earn, but there are no Heirloom plans for this one.