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Apple Studio Display Pro reportedly facing delays – here’s when it might ship

Rumor has it that a professional version of the Apple Studio Display could arrive later than expected, and the Covid-19 pandemic could be to blame.

In March, display analyst Ross Young claimed that Apple is working on a 27-inch Mini-LED display with a June release date. Originally thought to be for an all-in-one iMac, Young has since suggested the panel would be a standalone Studio Display Pro that sits between the standard $1,499 Studio Display and the $5,000 Pro Display XDR. $ in Apple’s display product line.

Young now has a revised ETA for the panel. Thanks to the Covid-19 lockdowns in China, the display won’t be unveiled until at least October.

“The 27-inch Mini-LED monitor was delayed because it was going to be produced at Quanta in Shanghai, which was locked down,” Young said. tweeted. “Production is being moved to another site and has been delayed. It now looks like an October release.

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Mini-LED technology is something Apple has been keen to incorporate into its high-end products, introducing it to both the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro last year. The display technology offers diodes that are one-fifth the size of standard LEDs, measuring between 200 and 600 micrometers in diameter. Thanks to a higher density of diodes, mini LED panels can offer tightly controlled areas of illumination, leading to better contrast and deeper blacks.

But there’s a reason the mini-LED has been limited to Apple’s most expensive consumer products. It’s not a cheap addition, so expect any Studio Display Pro to cost significantly more than the $1,499 that Apple charges for its current Studio Display, especially if Apple is able to add support. 120 Hz ProMotion load.

When Young was asked directly if he knew the price, he responded: “No, but dear.”

Indeed, it was this expense that led one of Young’s analyst peers to conclude that Apple won’t be releasing a Mini-LED display in the near future. “Apple may not launch new Mini-LED products this year due to cost concerns,” Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted back in March.

If Young is right, however, we can only speculate how high that price might go. But given that the $5,000 Pro Display XDR exists, we know Apple isn’t afraid of ultra-premium pricing for displays. Indeed, Young had previously speculated that the rumored Studio Display Pro could eventually replace Apple’s high-end display, given the new screen technology. “It can replace XDR since the new MiniLED monitor will have ~2x more MiniLED areas and >7x more LEDs,” he said. tweeted in March.

An October release date would push back the rumored posting to what could be a busy holiday period for Apple. Along with the rumored September launch of the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8, Apple is reportedly planning the 2022 MacBook Air as a “holiday good seller” and there’s even talk of a new HomePod as well. Apple superfans might want to start saving now.