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Austin Gunn remembers Paul Wight’s intimidating cruise ship captain

Few people would be more intimidating than an angry giant like AEW’s Paul Wight.

On a cruise ship, the adult pool was getting too crowded for the Gunn Club, Austin and Colten Gunn, the sons of WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn, so Wight took them to a pool where you needed a membership to get In Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Austin Gunn recalled how things then got out of hand by yelling Paul Wight at a cruise ship captain.

“The captain of the boat came out and he said, ‘These kids,’ like he started yelling at us. ‘These kids, you gotta get the hell out of this pool,’ Austin said.”[Wight] grabbed the captain by the collar and he said, “If you ever, ever talk to them like that, I’ll throw you over this boat and take us home”.

And with that, the Gunn Club was left alone to swim and sunbathe.

Gunn Club, Austin, Colten and Billy last battled as a trio in mid-April when they lost to Blackpool Combat Club. The BCC is a team of Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta, and Jon Moxley, the latter of whom moved to Forbidden Door last night to face either Hirooki Goto or Hiroshi Tanahashi for the Interim AEW World Championship after defeating Kyle O’Reilly, the winner. of the Casino Battle Royal which opened “Dynamite”.

Paul Wight, formerly The Big Show in WWE and The Giant in WCW, has primarily served as a commentator for “AEW Dark: Elevation” since becoming All Elite in February 2021. Wight is a six-time World Champion, winning the WCW World Championship. twice, the WWE Championship twice, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Wight has wrestled three times on “Dark: Elevation,” the show he does commentary for, and notably wrestled and defeated QT Marshall at All Out 2021, a show that saw the AEW debuts of Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, Bryan Danielson and Adam COL. Wight recently gave an update on his in-ring future and plans to continue wrestling, albeit sporadically, in the future.

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