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British ship captain jumps overboard wearing boxers to save a meerkat named Boris

Captain Tom Sexton stripped naked to rescue a captive meerkat named Boris who made a bid for freedom | Image Courtesy: Metro/SWNS/Twitter

Photo: Twitter


  • Two meerkats were on their way to a zoo in south-west England.
  • The meerkats escaped from their cages to let the sailors rush to catch them.
  • While Doris, a female was captured, her companion named Boris managed to jump overboard.
A skipper has jumped overboard to rescue a meerkat named Boris who made his bid for freedom off the coast of England.
The captive meerkat had managed to escape from its cat cage and had jumped 30ft from a boat called Gry Maritha when Captain Tom Sexton sprung into action, stripped and dived straight into it.
Boris, however, wasn’t the only one who nearly escaped. Her companion, another meerkat named Doris, fled her cage in her quest for freedom – only to be caught.

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The mongooses have been moved from their former home in the Isles of Scilly to Ax Valley Zoo in County Devon in south-west England.
“I think the owner originally had four in a kind of little petting zoo in his council house,” Sexton said. Subway. “Two of them were in this cat carrier style box but managed to figure out how to escape while we were sailing,” he recalled.

Once the meerkats were freed, they would run across the bridge and, at times, hide under cars and crates.

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The weary boatmen, five of them, who were trying to catch the animals finally gave up and decided they would give it a try after docking at a port in Cornwall.

However, when they chased after the meerkats, armed with brooms and gloves, the sailors were only able to capture Doris, as Boris the meerkat jumped overboard.

“I decided to jump in and grab it, so I got undressed and put on gloves to get it,” the ship’s captain said, adding that he knew the meerkat could be ” pretty nippy”.

“I was surprised how easy it was to get it. We then put it back in its box and hoisted it onto the deck.

While Sexton may think he had the last laugh, it was the meerkat who knocked him out of his uniform.