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BUNKER JOBS: trading company seeks staff in Dubai and Greece

A bunker trading company is looking to hire a commercial manager in dubai and a senior trader in Greece.

Recruitment agency Consortio Recruitment Group posted the roles in job postings on its website this week, without naming the company that is hiring.

For the position in Dubai, the company is looking for candidates with at least four years experience as a bunker trader and a transferable portfolio of clients and suppliers.

In Greece, the firm is looking for candidates with at least three years of experience and a transferable portfolio of customers and suppliers.

“Despite having access to financial support and credit that any large commercial corporation would give an arm and a leg for, our client remains humbled and focused on their own long-term development,” Consortio said in the advertisements.

“Naturally, this generates a corporate culture that has made the company one of the most desirable places to work for traders.

“Furthermore, the brand champions clarity and consistency across all seniority levels, which underscores not only the value our client places on internal communication, but also the responsibility that lies with the career development of each member of the staff.”

For more information, click here for the Dubai role and here for the Greece role.