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Carnival cruise ship mishandled COVID outbreak, passenger says ‘This ship was unprepared’

Some of the passengers on a Carnival cruise from Miami to Seattle are in quarantine after a COVID-19[feminine] hatching on board ship.

Carnival will not say how many of the approximately 2,100 passengers on board have been infected. The outbreak occurred during the ship’s journey between Miami, where it departed last month, and Seattle, where it arrived on Tuesday. Upon docking, all infected passengers were transferred to area hotels for isolation.

Darren Siefertson, who has been on seven cruise ships since August, was among those who tested positive – and he is unhappy with the way things have been handled.

“I was literally in that room for six days, with no phone service, they weren’t answering the phone,” Siefertson told CBS News.

Siefertson says his travel companion and roommate stayed with him in the room despite testing negative, and a list of the names and cabin numbers of passengers who had the virus was posted near the elevators.

Carnival notes that travelers were vaccinated and tested before boarding. In a statement to CBS News, the company said, among other things, “Our health and safety protocols exceed CDC guidelines” and “additional measures have been implemented during the trip.”

But that brings little comfort to passengers like Siefertson.

“Unfortunately, this ship was so poorly prepared and so poorly managed that many of us suffered greatly,” he said.