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China’s Yuanwang-5 scout ship embarks on new mission

The photo shows the Yuanwang-5 tracking ship. (Photo/Chinese Information Service)

(ECNS) — China’s third-generation spacecraft tracking vessel Yuanwang-5 set sail Tuesday for a new maritime tracking and measurement mission.

Independently developed by China as a core member of the country’s maritime tracking and measurement fleet, the vessel has successfully performed more than 80 tasks, including maritime tracking of the Shenzhou spacecraft, the Chang’e lunar probe and BeiDou satellites.

The vessel sailed for a total of 256 days in 2021, setting new records for missions, cumulative sailing mileage and average sailing days of a single Yuanwang family vessel.

Before leaving, the ship underwent a 50-day naval repair technical upgrade, which significantly improved the navigational power, safety performance, reliability and operability of its specialized equipment.

“We have sorted out the similarities and differences of similar mission data over the years, and conducted technical exchanges and dialogues to clarify technical points to make sufficient preparations for this mission,” said Vice Captain Zhang Hongwang. from Yuanwang- 5.

Currently, Yuanwang-7, which has carried out many maritime tracking and measurement tasks, has returned to its home port while Yuanwang-6 has embarked on its first voyage this year.