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Chinese ‘spy’ ship should not be allowed to enter Sri Lanka: PMK

CHENNAI: PMK founder S Ramadoss said on Sunday that the Chinese “spy” vessel posed a danger to India’s security and should not be allowed to enter Sri Lanka.

“The Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang-5 is expected to reach the port of Hambantota on August 11 and will be stationed for a week. The ship is a threat to India and especially to southern states including Tamil Nadu, as the ship can read all facilities up to 750 kilometers away using the satellites, which means nuclear facilities in Tamil Nadu such as Kudankulam and Kalpakkam nuclear reactors and ports such as Chennai and Thoothukudi ports can be easily read spied on and information about these facilities may be collected by the Chinese vessel,” Ramadoss said, in a statement.

Earlier when the information about the Chinese spy ship coming to Sri Lanka was leaked, the Indian government raised objections with Sri Lanka and initially the Sri Lankan government refuted the information but after the information got been confirmed, the Sri Lankan government has now confirmed the arrival of the ship. .

Ramadoss said the Sri Lankan government trying to hide information about the ship and then confirming the ship’s arrival shows the danger behind the ship’s arrival. This is not the first time that China has attempted to spy on India, as in 2014 a similar attempt was made when a Chinese submarine entered Sri Lankan waters.