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Container Line orders Silversteam air lubrication systems for nine boxships

A container line ordered air lubrication systems from Silverstream Technologies for nine new large boxships.

The public company ordered the systems for nine 16,000 TEUs ships, Silverstream said in a LinkedIn post Tuesday. The systems will be installed in a construction site of South East Asia between 2023 and 2025.

“This is an exciting step for Silverstream in the containership market and further demonstrates that our air lubrication system is becoming standard technology for new containerships,” the company said in the message.

The systems, first developed several years ago under the former Sliverstream name, DK Groupshowed consistent bunker savings of 5% or more by letting a ship roll on a carpet of air bubbles which reduces the friction between the water and the hull surface.

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In an interview with Ship and hold last year, Silverstream CEO Noah Silberschmidt said the company was aiming 500 sales of its systems by 2025.