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Covid-hit cruise ship passenger abandoned in ‘horrific’ £ 750 quarantine hotel – World News

Rick Chadwick tested positive for Covid on the cruise and was forced to go to a quarantine hotel where the food is ‘rock cold’ and he considers himself ‘lucky’ not to have to share showers

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Spain: Rick Chadwick shows off in his quarantine hotel

A passenger on a Covid-hit cruise ship claims he was abandoned in a ‘horrific’ £ 750 Spanish quarantine hotel.

Rick Chadwick and his wife Alison were on a five-star cruise when he tested positive for Covid in his pre-flight tests, YorkshireLive reported .

Along with the 40 other Britons who caught the virus, he had to pay £ 75 for a ‘Covid-secure’ taxi to their isolation accommodation.

However, Rick described the cab as an everyday minibus and felt it was grossly overcharged for the ride – which only took a few minutes.

He also dropped them five hundred meters from the accommodation, so that they still had to walk a bit at the end.

Rick Chadwick quarantine hotel was made to stay, in Malaga, Spain


Yorkshire Live / MEN Media)

As Rick headed into solitary confinement, his wife, who had not tested positive, was free to return home.

The 59-year-old is now staying in the quarantine accommodation, which he says is a mess and has certainly not been cleaned.

After six nights there he was slapped with a £ 750 bill.

Rick, from Haworth, West Yorkshire, said student-style accommodation and its restoration were “abysmal” and “grim”.

He said: “The food is terrible. It’s 11am here and I still haven’t had anything to eat or drink for breakfast.

“Can’t wait to get home. It’s horrible here. The only good thing is the roof terrace.”

He added, “The support and follow-up given to us is devilish.

“It’s a shame. I’m lucky to have a shower in my room because some have to share.

“It’s supposed to be a Covid center but there are no sanitary gels.”

Rick and his fellow vacationers were asked to stay in their rooms, where food and drink would be brought to them.

He says the food is placed in a carrying bag and left hanging from the doorknob, usually “cold as a stone.”

Rick, who works as a freelance carpenter, booked the break with Marella Cruises, a British cruise line operated by TUI UK.

He called the cruise “pleasant”, but added: “I am annoyed by TUI.

“Once they got us off the ship, they gave up all responsibility and no one contacted us to see how we were doing.”

He claimed that another cruise passenger called TUI to raise the issues – to be told to “stop ringing – it’s up to the Spanish government what it’s doing with you”.

After his five-star cruise, this was Rick’s quarantine room where he stayed for six nights


Yorkshire Live / MEN Media)

“TUI just washed our hands. They are not interested,” he said.

“I think they should have a representative here to see what they (the Spanish authorities) got us into.”

Rick is hopeful the additional costs will be met by his insurance company and hopes to return to Manchester later this week.

In the meantime, he’s counting the hours until he can get home to Yorkshire.

In a statement, TUI said: “We are sorry that Mr Chadwick was not able to enjoy the full duration of his cruise as planned.

“We are following the correct protocols at all times and after testing positive for Covid he was transferred to a quarantine hotel in accordance with local guidelines in Spain.

“The safety and well-being of everyone on board is our top priority, and we always offer all possible support to our guests. “

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