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Cruise Ship Dashboard Wins Coast Guard Award

The innovative Cruise Ship Scorecard system developed by the Cruise Ship National Center of Excellence (CSNCOE) has won an award from the US Coast Guard.

Officially known as the Cruise Ship Dashboard Prevention Measurement Tool (Learn more here), the system was developed by the CSNCOE as an application that helps reviewers measure non-compliance and mitigate risks related to resolving deficiencies.

The Coast Guard will recognize the system at its Innovation Awards ceremony scheduled for June.

“This year’s winners have found ingenious solutions that have made maritime operations safer and more efficient, streamlined assistance to Coast Guard families displaced by Hurricane Ida, and leveraged artificial intelligence to match members with mentors who could advise them and help them advance in their careers,” the Coast Guard said in a statement.

The Cruise Ship Scorecard app, which comes preloaded on a Surface Pro tablet, dramatically improves the passenger ship review process, according to a Coast Guard release.

The Coast Guard also recognized CSNCOE: including Cmdr. Jason Kling, Brad Schoenwald, Christine Mahoney, Sam Cheung, Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Gibson, Lt. Cmdr. Theresa Bigay, Lt. Kimberly Glore, Daniel Brehm, Scott Elphison, James Garzon and Eric Jesionowski.

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