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Cruise Ship Employee Reveals Creepy Parts Found Aboard Most Ships


The former employee told how her cruise ship had a jail and a morgue on board, hidden from guests. Photo / Unsplash

Most people know that big cruise ships have lots of crazy facilities on board, from gyms and swimming pools to casinos and sometimes cinemas.

However, a former cruise ship employee has revealed some of the rooms on board that guests may never see.

The Australian woman, who operates under the handle @laurentalkssmack, took to TikTok to share “scary cruise ship secrets” that many people don’t know about.

“There’s some crazy stuff about cruise ships that you might not know as a guest,” she said.

“It’s a bit scary – so there’s a morgue on board, there’s a prison on board.

“When we were working on a cruise ship, we actually saw a dead body come out of the morgue.

“Obviously they had a blanket on it, but that in itself is so scary.”

The former employee said it was “so confronting” in that it made her “not want to work on a cruise ship anymore”.

“And then they also have a jail cell, so if somebody does something wrong, they’ll just lock them in there,” she added.

Another feature of the Carnival cruise ship she worked on that made her nervous was the fact that it didn’t have Deck 13.

“Carnival doesn’t have deck 13 because it’s a superstitious thing,” she said.

“Sorry, but that’s really weird. For example, we are on a cruise ship and you give me the impression that superstition comes into play? »

The video gained nearly 876,000 views and 258 comments as people shared their thoughts on the horrific revelations.

“Better to have a place to treat grandma Ruth who had a heart attack at sea than to have to go ashore,” one viewer commented.

“Idk just me, I thought if someone died on board they would dump it,” another shared.

One person said the superstition was so common that many hospitals reportedly don’t have a number 13 operating room.

“If you’re scared of superstitions and number 13 doesn’t come to Canada,” another recommended, “we don’t have a 13th floor in any apartment building.”