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Cruise ship: guest shares luggage hack to help passengers pack for cruise | Cruise | Travel

The new guest was worried that his luggage might be stolen or damaged during the transfer from the port.

A regular guest said: ‘My solution to this has always been to never bring checked bags.

“I only sail with hand luggage and a backpack and bring them on board myself. It also ensures that the airline cannot lose my luggage because I never checked any.

“Usually your rooms won’t be ready until at least 1pm or later, so we always head straight for the buffet as soon as we board.

“You can easily keep carry-on luggage with you at your table while you eat and not get in the way of anyone else.”

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Cruise passengers will often not be able to access their cabin for a few hours as ship staff clean the rooms.

This means that passengers will not have access to their checked baggage until it is delivered to their room.

The guest added: ‘If you are bringing checked luggage make sure everything important is with you and not in the luggage as you might not see it for a few hours until the middle of the post. -midday.

“It covers obvious things like passports/documents and valuables, but also things like any medication you might need to take before dinner.


“Some people also like to go to the pool immediately, but you can’t do that if your bathing suit is stuck with your luggage that you don’t have yet.”

It is preferable to keep in the hand luggage all the objects which the passengers could need during their first boarding.

Sunscreen is another essential piece of carry-on if passengers want to get on deck to a sunny destination.

Another guest said: ‘Don’t pack expensive and easily stolen items in your checked baggage like with airlines.

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“You can bring hand luggage, but make it as small as possible as you are not allowed into the rooms right away.”

As passengers cannot immediately access their cabins, it is best to keep hand luggage light and easy to carry.

Another passenger added: “You could bring your bags with you, but you will have to lug them around until your room is ready.

“You might stand out because it seemed like almost everyone delivered them to their rooms.”

However, they gave a helpful disembarkation day warning, which might give passengers more flexibility.

They said, “You might want to consider keeping your luggage with you for disembarkation. Not for the flight, but because you have the most flexibility in when you leave the ship.

“Most people have their bags picked up the night before, but then you have to pack everything the night before and you are assigned a drop-off time.

“And then you have to collect your luggage once you get off the ship. We chose to keep our bags, had breakfast that morning, finished packing and left.”