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Cruise Ship Scrap Update: More Cruise Ships Hit The Beach

Cruise ship recycling activity is on the rise in 2022.

After recycling a total of nine cruise ships in 2021, shipbreaking yards have already received ten ships in the first six months of 2022.

Cruise Industry News looks at the most recent transactions:

Filoxenia salamis
Capacity: 400
Gauge: 15,402
Year built: 1975
Last operator: Salamis Cruise Lines
Stranding date: April 2022
Demolition yard: Gadani, Pakistan

The former Salamis Filoxenia was beached for demolition in April. Previously operated by Samalis Cruise Line, the veteran cruise ship had been out of service for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently being dismantled at the Gadani shipbreaking yard, the 1975-built vessel began life as a Soviet cruise ferry before being converted to a full-time cruise ship in the 1980s.

SuperStar Balance
Capacity: 1,494
Gauge: 42,285
Year built: 1988
Last operator: Genting Hong Kong
Stranding date: May 2022
Demolition yard: Aliaga, Turkey

Four years after being withdrawn from regular cruise service, the SuperStar Libra (pictured above) was beached for demolition in Aliaga in May.

Formerly operated by Norwegian Cruise Line and Star Cruises, the 1988-built ship last served as a floating hotel at the MV Werften shipyard. With the Genting-owned facility filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, the ex-Norwegian Sea had been sitting in limbo for months.

black watch
Capacity: 807
Tonnage: 28,613
Year built: 1972
Last Operator: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
Stranding date: June 2022
Demolition yard: Alang, India

Another classic cruise ship recently beached for scrapping, the Black Watch is currently being dismantled in Alang, India.

Last operation by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, the 1972-built ship, was retired by the British company in 2020. Subsequently sold to undisclosed buyers, the former Royal Viking Star sailed to Turkey – where she was to serve as a hotel ship .

Marella Dream
Capacity: 1,506

Gauge: 55,000
Year built: 1986
Last operator: Marella Cruises
Stranding date: June 2022
Demolition yard: Aliaga, Turkey

After two years of immobilization in Greece, the former Marella Dream has just run aground at the Aliaga demolition yard.

The 55,000 ton vessel was retired by Marella Cruises in 2020 and has spent the past two years anchored in Elefsis Bay. Commissioned for Home Lines, she entered service in 1986 and has also sailed for Holland America Line and Costa Cruises.

star fish
Capacity: 1,090
Tonnage: 40,053
Year built: 1991
Last Operator: Star Cruises
Stranding date: July 2022
Demolition yard: Alang, India

The Star Pisces is set to become the first ship in Star Cruises’ former fleet to be beached for demolition.

After seeing its former operator end operations earlier this year, the 1991-built vessel recently arrived in Alang. A former cruise ferry, the ship was operating short cruises to Malaysia when Genting Hong Kong – which controlled Star Cruises – filed for liquidation of the company in January.

Other cruise ships beached for demolition in 2022:

  • Fuji
  • Harmony of the Century
  • eastern dragon
  • Carnival feeling
  • Delphin