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Dr Disrespect takes credit for streamers switching from Twitch to YouTube

On a recent show, streamer Dr Disrespect talks about his success on YouTube and says he’s helped attract more content creators to the platform.

Dr Disrespect takes credit for streamers switching from Twitch to YouTube

Dr. Disrespect and his loyal supporters have gone through quite a journey over the past two years. It all started in early 2020 when the Doc signed a multi-million dollar deal with Twitch. However, things didn’t take an odd turn until a few months later, when the platform permanently banned the streamer for unknown reasons, forcing him and his subscribers to find a new home. Following this ban, the Doc began broadcasting on the rival platform Youtube in August 2020. He hasn’t looked back since.


Recently, Dr Disrespect made some impressive statements about his success on YouTube. During a live broadcast on December 6, he spoke about his channel’s growth on the platform. After thanking several Champions Club members for renewing their subscriptions, the streamer spoke of the importance of his followers. Addressing support, he said: “He doesn’t just fly alongside the black steel, aka the bulletproof mule, into an unknown dimension.” He admitted that his fans helped him get to where he was on YouTube. However, the Doc didn’t stop there.

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Unafraid of controversy, Dr Disrespect went from humbly thanking his supporters to less humbly claiming that he helped YouTube thrive as a streaming platform. According to the Doc, his stint on YouTube helped open the floodgates that saw prominent names like TimTheTatman, Dr Lupo and Ludwig join the company. Dr Disrespect claimed that these top Twitch streamers moved largely because of him. “Everyone is switching to YouTube because of Two-Time. And to think that I do it for free, ”he said.

In addition to these comments, Dr. Disrespect went further. He brought Fwiz, the head of games at YouTube, into the discussion. According to Dr. Disrespect, it was vital to the growth of YouTube gaming that Fwiz and those who worked on his team.

These aren’t the only bold statements made by the streamer. Recently, Dr Disrespect said on a show that he was severing ties with the Esports Awards. The news came in the wake of the event’s decision to adhere to Twitch’s guidelines regarding banned streamers. As a result, the show censored the Doc’s face and audio from the Streamer of the Year nomination video. This contrasted with the flagship segments of the other nominees who kept streaming footage of them.

Over the past few months, it seems like the streaming landscape is constantly changing. Despite this unpredictability, one thing seems clear; Dr Disrespect will continue to be the center of attention. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the months to come and if the Doc takes credit for yet more streamers potentially switching from Twitch to YouTube.

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