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Former Crystal liner acquired by SilverSea

The Crystal Endeavor cruise ship, previously owned by ultra-luxury cruise line Genting’s Crystal Cruises, will now operate under Royal Caribbean International’s luxury Silversea brand.

The Silverseas cruise line was purchased by Royal Caribbean International from 2018 to 2020 and has since acquired Crystal Cruises’ former ship, the Crystal Endeavour. This ship was classed as an expedition ship with her former cruise line, Genting’s Crystal Cruises. Since acquiring the ship, Royal Caribbean this week filed patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, to rebrand and market the ship.

Since its takeover, the Silverseas Cruise Line has been kept afloat thanks to the financial support of its now parent company, Royal Caribbean International. Silverseas was previously active in the cruise ship market. Crystal Endeavor is similar in size to a mega-yacht, rather than a traditional ocean-going cruise liner.

The expedition cruise industry continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors within the cruise industry as a whole. More than 20 ships in this category have been launched by various cruise lines, including Viking Cruises, in 2020, 2021 and this year. Many of these expedition-class ships take guests to areas of the world such as the Arctic and other polar regions.

Silverseas has played an important role in this growing trend of expedition cruises. Currently, Silverseas operates four vessels under the names Silver Wind, Silver Cloud, Silver Explorer and Silver Origin. With the addition of the former Crystal Endeavour, this will make five ships of Royal Caribbean International’s luxury expedition brand. The former Crystal Endeavor is currently set to be renamed Silver Endeavour. With these five ships, Silverseas is now one of the largest expedition cruise operators in the world.

Features of former Crystal Endeavour, now Silver Endeavor

Silver Endeavor has 18 zodiac boats on board, which are smaller vessels used to explore remote areas of destinations that even smaller mega-yachts like cruise ships cannot reach. Additionally, on board there is a U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7-300 which can accommodate up to six passengers and a pilot, as well as 14 kayaks and an ROV which can be used to explore areas below the ship.

(Silversea ship, similar in size to Silver Endeavour)

Crystal Endeavor launched with her cruise line, Genting’s Crystal Cruises in 2021, and sailed its first cruise season in and around Iceland. Then the ship visited regions such as the Caribbean and Antarctica. The ship completed its final voyage with Crystal Cruises to Antarctica in February 2022. This was around the same time that the Genting company was experiencing financial difficulties. After Antarctica, the ship sailed to Gibraltar, where it is today.

It has not yet been released how much Silversea paid for the former Crystal Endeavour. Previously, the total cost of the world’s largest iced-rated PC-6 mega-yacht was over $195 million.

Currently, Silversea operates expedition cruises in and around destinations such as Africa and the Indian Ocean, US West Coast, Antarctica, Arctic and Greenland, Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean and Central America, the Galápagos Islands, South America and the South Pacific Islands.

Learn more about expedition cruises

Silversea Cruises says the following about its expedition cruises, “Step aboard Silversea Expeditions to discover the ends of the earth and experience the rush into the unknown and seldom explored.”

According to Six Star Cruises, a luxury cruise line that offers expedition cruises, an expedition cruise is, “much like the traditional cruise, but with more emphasis on the shore experience, excursions and ports of call – many of which are much more off-the-beaten-path than mainstream cruising.

“Discovering some of the most remote regions of the world and getting up close to the breathtaking natural environments visited on an expedition cruise presents amazing experiences. Enjoy the unique flora and fauna of each destination, discover the untouched territories with a team of experts to guide you. The Expedition Cruise is a taste of exploration and adventure like you’ve never experienced before,” Six Star Cruises said of the Expedition Cruise.

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