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Gas crisis worsens as ship with stocks remains anchored

COLOMBO (News 1st); The gas crisis has worsened as much as the fuel crisis, with people suffering without gas cylinders against the backdrop of a ship carrying 3,900 metric tonnes of gas anchored at sea, with the government unable to pay 2.5 million dollars to release the consignment.

The tanker has been anchored in Sri Lankan waters for five days.

Against this backdrop, Kandana residents were observed queuing for gasoline for about a week, even sleeping near the dealership in hopes of getting a canister.

The situation in Galle is the same with people queuing for days to buy Litro as well as Laugfs gas.

Today, Laugfs gas distribution center in Payagala, Kalutara received gas after several days, where people have been waiting in long queues since morning.

Badulla area, Haliela also received Laugfs gas this morning where long queues were seen.

However, some have attempted to hide gas stocks, while others are waiting in queues.

Consumer Affairs Authority officials were able to find a stockpile of gas cylinders hidden in an unregistered warehouse belonging to gas dealer Laugfs in Anuradhapura district.

During the raid, 540 gas cylinders of 12.5 kg and 60 gas cylinders of 37.5 kg were recovered.