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‘Ghost ship’ runs aground on infamous island during severe storm

Officials were initially baffled when they came across a mysterious ghost ship with no captain or crew on board that had washed ashore on a remote island off the coast of Cambodia during a severe storm this week.

Three life jackets from the wreckage were spotted about 160ft from where the rusting old vessel ran aground on the rocky beach of Koh Tang island on Tuesday evening, officials told Cambodia News English .

Authorities from the Koh Tang Observer Force inspected the wreckage and quickly scoured the shore for signs of the ship’s occupants the following morning, but to no avail, an official from the Observatory said. maritime safety at CNE.

It wasn’t until days later, however, that authorities found four Chinese sailors who allegedly abandoned the ship – named the Seng Kang – in rough seas, jumped overboard and managed to swim to the island in choppy waters, CNE reported. High winds and waves from the storm caused the ship to drift ashore.

The four, including the ship’s captain, were taken in for questioning.

Rough waters and windy conditions had prompted the country’s Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology to issue a weather warning earlier in the week to fishermen and tour boat operators. Provincial authorities followed suit by ordering a ban on all travel to Koh Tang and the other coastal islands from July 11-14.

Rough seas prevented officials from boarding the vessel to investigate further until Thursday, when Observer Force personnel managed to gain access once the waters calmed.

“At first, we weren’t able to get close enough to the vessel to check its markings. There was no sign of its country of origin,” local official Sopheap San told CNE.

The remote island of Koh Tang located about 30 miles off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand is best known as the site of the last battle of the Vietnam War in May 1975, two weeks after the fall of Saigon.