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Glasgow hotel businesses offer jobs to distressed staff from the Abandon ship

Glasgow businesses have stepped up to help distressed staff who lost their jobs when a bustling city center bar went bankrupt earlier this week.

Staff were locked out of the building and told they would only receive a week’s severance pay from owners Belford Ltd, who had taken over the business from now-liquidated MacMerry 300 after the call from the administrators last month.

Stunned employees were today thrown on a lifeline by sites across the city after mobilizing to try to help them find jobs.

The Cathouse and Amore restaurant is one of a string of companies posting online job vacancies for workers after being moved by their plight.

Kier Beckwith, manager of Gaucho in West Nile Street, offered a recruitment campaign planned later this year to try to help the Abandon Ship team.

He said: “The venue is just down the road, and that’s the least we wanted to do to try and help them.

“Glasgow has a very tight-knit hotel scene and everyone was sad and upset to see what happened.

“We had plans for expansion for Gaucho and I was only too happy to speed them up and bring them forward a month or two to try and do our part. I know there are other places and companies that also cater to staff in the same way..

“It’s great to see and I hope we can collectively help a number of those who have lost their livelihoods get back to work.”

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Abandon Ship’s deputy managing director, Jamie MacKay, told the Glasgow Times: ‘We were told on Saturday we were closing for two days for refurbishment, only to find out at 8.30am on Monday via email that we were all losing our jobs.

“It was only two weeks after we were all reassured that our jobs were secure and that the liquidation would not affect us.

“It’s a shame because the team worked very hard. Giving no warning to people just shows that the owners don’t care about their employees.

Glasgow hours:

Ross Campbell was another who lost his job when Abandon Ship sank on Monday.

He lambasted bosses for their treatment of his former colleagues.

He said: “What happened was a shame, but the only bright spot was the reaction from the Glasgow bar and club community.

“People have been so generous in reaching out to offer us work, whether part-time or full-time.

“We were shocked on Monday, but sadly not surprised. There was a team of very hardworking people at Abandon Ship who were treated disgracefully by management.

“Showing up to find the security codes had been changed on the door was a final slap in the face. We are all stunned. The conduct of the management was shameless, but our main priority now is to get what we have right and move on.Work somewhere where the bosses appreciate the hard work people are willing to put in.

“It’s the culmination of months of neglect, with so many good employees lost along the way because of the way they were treated.

“Many of us are understandably worried about how we’re going to pay our bills, but luckily the response from the hotel scene has been incredible.”

Glasgow hours:

Last month staff were told their jobs had been saved after Abandon Ship transferred to Belford Limited.

But in a letter to workers, Phil Donaldson, former manager of MacMerry 300, said the bar would close with immediate effect, along with its sister venue in London.

Unite the Union accused bosses of “a new low” and blasted the treatment of workers.

Bryan Simpson, Industry Organizer at Unite Hospitality, said: ‘Despite verbal and written assurances that ‘nothing will change’ for Abandon Ship bar staff just 12 days ago, Phil Donaldson issued layoff notices to all staff at both sites confirming to me that they do not intend to engage in genuine or meaningful consultation with these workers in accordance with well-established labor law.

“This is a new low for a company and a former director who continues to flout the most basic rights of workers.”

Mr Donaldson said in a statement today that he hoped former staff members can find new roles.

He added: “I really hope that all the laid-off employees find other employment and I wish them every success in the future. We will support them with references where possible and offer advice where needed.

“It is a difficult time for all. There is a real shortage of hospitality staff in the city at the moment, so hopefully there will be plenty of suitable positions available with other operators in the city. .

“If another operator wants to phone me to see where I can move staff, I’ll be happy to help.”