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Her Boyfriend Broke Her $3,500 Model Ship And She Thinks He Owes Her That Money – Chip Chick

A 33-year-old woman sadly lost her father, and when he passed away he made sure she inherited his most treasured model boat.

She placed her father’s model ship in her living room to always remember him, however, she never told her boyfriend about the significance of the model ship.

She’s been dating her 37-year-old boyfriend for six months now, and she doesn’t live with him, and he doesn’t come to her house often, so she thinks that’s why she never thought to tell him about the model. reduced boat.

A few days ago, her boyfriend invited his friends to her house to “celebrate her birthday”. All the guys drank a lot, then they picked up the cushions from his couch and started throwing them on top of each other.

She made an effort to try and get all the guys to stop disrespecting her house like that before heading back to her kitchen to “clean up” after the mess they made.

Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from her living room, so she went to see what was happening.

She noticed that her boyfriend was holding the model ship his father had left him, and she struggled to snatch it out of his hands.

Before she could grab it, her boyfriend threw the ship at his friend, then his friend in turn threw it at a second guy.

She yelled at the guys to cut it off as she desperately tried to pick up the model ship.

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