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Here is the latest news on the cargo ship fire and loss of containers off the coast of Vancouver Island.

(Canadian Coast Guard/ Twitter)

The Canadian Coast Guard provided a final update today on the cargo ship fire and loss of containers off the coast of Vancouver Island.

As a reminder, in October, cargo containers aboard the MV Zim Kingston were lost in the rough seas off Vancouver Island.

Although the original reports estimated that 30 to 40 containers fell overboard, later reports indicated the number was closer to 110 lost at sea.

Days later, while the ship was anchored off Esquimalt, a large fire broke out in one of the containers which continued to burn for several days, destroying several shipping containers.

For several weeks, the MV Zim Kingston was anchored 4.7 nautical miles from the shore of Vancouver Island with a one nautical mile emergency zone surrounding the ship.

The Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada have been working to investigate the cause of the onboard fires as well as the missing cargo containers.

Now a final update has been released from the Canadian Coast Guard regarding the location of these missing cargo containers along with the cleanup efforts.

The MV Zim Kingston has been cleared to depart and will transit north today to the port of Nanaimo. Once arrived, the vessel will come under the jurisdiction of the Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA).

A total of four containers were found stranded on Vancouver Island, according to reports. There is still no sign of the other 105 containers, but they are believed to have sunk.

Beaches identified on Vancouver Island where debris from the incident washed up are now declared clean.

In total, the incident caused about 27,360 kilograms of debris to clutter up beaches on Vancouver Island, which have now been cleaned up.

According to reports, this weight estimate does not include the five trash cans still on the ground or debris at Jurassic Point, which is being cleaned up.

The Canadian Coast Guard will continue to work with the shipowner to investigate possible next steps and the possibility of locating the 105 missing containers.

The shipowner will also be required to check known accumulation sites for debris every few months. The Canadian Coast Guard will also monitor the presence of debris during flights over western Vancouver Island.

Anyone encountering marine debris or grounded cargo containers is urged to report their findings to the 1-800-889-8852 hotline.