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Here’s what to expect aboard the world’s largest cruise ship

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With the the largest cruise ship in the world having recently set sail with passengers for the very first time – here’s what those waiting to board wonder of the seas can expect.

After reporting a few months ago that the ship was due to launch in March, it has since completed its maiden voyage – sailing both the eastern and western sides of the Caribbean on 7-night cruises.

Wonder of the Seas cruise ship

And with wonder of the seas Arrived recently in Europe – with the ship ready to cruise the Mediterranean during the summer months – many will wonder what it’s really like on board this monster-sized vessel.

Well, you’re in luck – because throughout this article we’ll take a look at what the ship has to offer in terms of places to “wine and dine”, relax, keep fit – as well as the variety of entertainment choices offered to passengers.

Wonder of the Seas pool area
Picture: Royal Caribbean

How big is Royal Caribbean wonder of the seas?

This is not the first time that one of Royal Caribbean’s members fleet won the title of the largest cruise ship in the world – with its Symphony of the seas have owned it before.

In fact, with wonder of the seas now in operation, the company now owns the five largest ships in the world, each of which can accommodate nearly 7,000 passengers at a time.

Wonder of the seas sailing into the sunset
Picture: Royal Caribbean

So how big is Wonder of the Seas exactly?

Measuring a mammoth 1,118 feet (362 m) long and weighing 236,857 tons – wonder of the seas spans 18 decks, accommodating a maximum capacity of 6,988 passengers.

And that number doesn’t even include crew members – with the ship also having enough space to accommodate up to 2,300 cruise ship staff.

Wonder of the Seas cruise ship from above
Picture: Royal Caribbean

There’s a new neighborhood on board

Royal Caribbean’s newest addition – wonder of the seas – features an all-new onboard quarter, spanning two of the ship’s decks.

Named the “Neighborhood Suite”, passengers can stay in one of its 188 suites on offer, as well as sit back and relax in one of the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants or soak up the atmosphere on its terrace. freshly designed and its infinity-style plunge pool.

Wonder of the Seas cruise ship deck
Picture: Royal Caribbean

The ship also offers seven other neighborhoods to visit on board – each offering their own unique options for drinking and dining – as well as a variety of entertainment to enjoy.

What are the accommodation options on board wonder of the seas?

With nearly 3000 cabins on board Wonder of the Seas – 2,867 to be precise – there is a selection of different rooms which can be booked by cruise passengers.

Woman about to board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

This includes the following cabins:

  • Interior
  • ocean view
  • Balcony
  • Virtual balcony
The Royal Promenade aboard the Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean

All rooms provide occupants with the ability to connect to WiFi, as well as the ability to take advantage of the ship’s room service options and spa-like services.

Where can you eat and drink on board wonder of the seas?

With 20 different restaurants to choose from, you certainly won’t find it difficult to find somewhere to eat or drink on board. wonder of the seas – with the ship offering all types of cuisine.

The Mason Jar Southern Restaurant and Bar
Picture: Royal Caribbean

Whether you’re looking to eat at one of the ship’s upscale restaurants or want a quick and easy snack on the go, you won’t have a choice for what this ship has to offer.

Those on board can even experience a new addition to Royal Caribbean’s selection of dining options – the mason jar – which offers some of the best South American specialties.

Pool area on board the Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean

Swim in one of the ship’s four pools

Due to its enormous size, wonder of the seas is able to offer passengers the option of choosing from a selection of pools on board.

This includes the ship’s huge pool deck, which features a number of slides, as well as a variety of loungers and beds for soaking up the sun.

Swimming pool and deckchairs on Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean

What entertainment options are available on board?

For anyone lucky enough to spend time sailing into the sunset on wonder of the seas – there is certainly a wide variety of entertainment options for cruise passengers.

Aquatheatre aboard the Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean

This includes:

  • a skating rink
  • a theater – which can accommodate up to 1400 people at one of its shows
  • casinos
  • spas
  • an outdoor water theater
  • climbing walls
Restaurant on board the Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean
  • a zipline – which is as high as ten of the ship’s decks
  • a variety of bars – including some where you are served by robots
  • a water park and a playground for children
  • a life-size basketball court
  • a running track
  • a surf simulator.

And that’s just a taste of what you can expect, as the ship also boasts its own Central Park, home to over 10,000 plants.

Central Park on Wonder of the Seas
Picture: Royal Caribbean

You can find out what else Royal Caribbean’s new monster cruise ship – Wonder of the seas – has to offer by clicking here.

Royal Caribbean HaI Construction has recently begun on their next largest vessel

A few weeks ago we announced that Royal Caribbean had started to build the next addition to its fleet of cruise liners – with utopia of the seas leave in 2024.

Once built – and in operation – the vessel will take over from wonder of the seas as the largest cruise liner in the world.

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