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Holidaymakers shout ‘Oh my god’ as cruise ship crashes into Jamaican pier

Passengers were terrified when a cruise ship crashed into a pier in Jamaica last week.

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, which is one of the largest cruise liners in the world, hit the pier while trying to dock in Falmouth.

In a horrifying clip that has over 500,000 views on social media, passengers can be heard screaming in fear as the huge boat approaches the dock.

However, Royal Caribbean and the Ports Authority of Jamaica revealed that there were no injuries and the boat suffered only cosmetic damage.

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Cruise ship crashes into Jamaica Pier

Last Thursday (May 26), chaos hit a Jamaican port in Falmouth when a cruise ship failed to moor properly and crashed into the pier.

Sister to the largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas is a huge and luxurious cruise line that can accommodate over 6,400 passengers and boasts the world’s tallest slide at sea.

A video of the shocking accident shows the boat approaching the pier, or mooring the dolphin as it is officially called, and banging straight into it with a loud crash.

The incident happened at around 7am when the 227,000 tonne vessel crashed and damaged parts of the busy port.

Passengers heard screams in viral clip

Fortunately, there were no injuries and only cosmetic damage to the ship – but passengers can be heard screaming in terror in the background of the video.

As the boat approaches the pier, one person shouts “Oh my God” while another says “Holy shit” and a third adds: “We’re going to hit him”.

Vacationers continue to scream and watch in fear as the boat crashes into the pier with a thud.

However, the boat eventually docked and passengers were able to disembark and continue with their scheduled tours and activities for the day.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett also said the crash was “caused by pilot error”, but this has not been confirmed and an investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Port Authority of Jamaica releases statement

Following the minor accident, the Port Authority of Jamaica issued a statement in which they stated that the vessel “collided with a dolphin”.

‘The minor incident did not result in significant damage to the vessel,’ the authority continued before revealing that the Duke of Alba was ‘misplaced’ and will require ‘reconstruction’.

“PAJ and Royal Caribbean are undertaking a joint investigation to determine the case for the incident,” they added.

In other news, Vacationers scream ‘Oh my god’ as cruise ship crashes into Jamaican pier