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Holland America Line ship to provide shelter for Ukrainian refugees

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Volendam, a Rotterdam-class (R-class) cruise ship owned by Holland America Line, to bring refuge in the Netherlands for refugees from Ukraine.

Under the agreement between the Netherlands and the Rotterdam city government authorities, the ship will stop in Rotterdam for three months to provide temporary accommodation for around 1,500 Ukrainians.

The initiative is part of the Netherlands’ commitment to house 50,000 Ukrainians.

Holland America Line President Gus Antorcha said, “Our company was founded in Rotterdam around the mission of helping immigrants find a better life.

“So today we are proud to be part of a similar mission for Ukrainians who have been tragically displaced.”

With around 650 crew, Volendam was scheduled to enter service on 15 May. Plans were underway to undertake voyages from Rotterdam to Norway, the British Isles and Iceland.

Holland America Line will cancel three of those trips and restart service on June 3 to accommodate refugees.

The ship will dock at Merwehaven, a cargo port in Rotterdam located on the north bank of the Meuse.

Arnold Donald, President and CEO of Holland America Line’s parent company, Carnival, said: “We have crew members from 145 countries and we sail with guests from countries around the world, so we feel deeply the impact of this humanitarian crisis and we join many others in supporting relief efforts. efforts.”

Meanwhile, a recent Reuters report said citing a government decision that Ukraine pledged to pay insurance payments to cargo ships damaged in the conflict on its Danube stretch.

Ukraine depends on the Black Sea ports, blocked by the Russian attack, to export almost all of its products, including grains, steel and oilseeds.

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