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Homemade air-launched anti-ship missile test, 1st for Indian Navy

Indian Navy helicopter tests air-launched anti-ship missile

New Delhi:

India today tested its first air-launched anti-ship missile manufactured by the Defense Research and Development Organization, or DRDO.

In footage released by the Indian Navy, a Seaking 42B helicopter loaded with the missile is seen flying over the sea trial beach at Balasore, off the coast of Odisha, while another helicopter follows it to observation.

The anti-ship missile separates from the Seaking a few meters before its engine fires and it flies rapidly towards the target.

“This is the first indigenous air-launched anti-ship missile system for the Indian Navy,” the DRDO said in a statement today.

“The missile followed the desired sea-skimming path and hit the designated target with a high degree of accuracy, validating the control, guidance and mission algorithms. All subsystems performed satisfactorily,” said the Defense Research Organization.

“Sensors deployed on the test range and near the point of impact tracked the missile’s trajectory and captured all events,” he said.

The Navy tweeted that the test-firing of the homemade anti-ship missile is an important step towards autonomy in niche missile technology and reaffirms the Navy’s commitment to indigenization.

The missile used many new technologies, including a homemade launcher for the helicopter.

Senior DRDO and Indian Navy officers witnessed the test firings. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh then congratulated the DRDO, Navy and associated teams on the successful test firings.