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How to buy your own ship in Sea Of Thieves

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Season 7 of sea ​​of ​​thieves is finally here and with it comes the possibility of buy your own boat and become a captain. But having a personal boat isn’t just something you can do to feel like a wealthy, posh pirate. The Captaincy also grants you new benefits that will make looting easier and more convenient.

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So how exactly does Captaincy work in Sea Of Thieves? Let’s see how you become a captain and what benefits you will get when you spend gold on a brand new ship.

How to buy a ship

To become a captain, you must first own a ship. To buy your own pirate ship, you must navigate through the menu where you choose the type of ship you want to board. A new menu where you can buy ships and access the ships you own will be pressed next to these choices. Select that, then there will be a screen that says “Buy Ship”. Click on it and you will have the option to buy a sloop, a brigantine or a galleon.


Buying a ship will cost you some of your gold. Each ship type has a different price. A sloop costs 250,000 gold, a brigantine costs 375,000 gold, and a galleon will cost you 500,000 gold. You can own one of each of the different ship types.

After purchasing your boat, you will be given the option to give it a name. As you might have suspected given that Sea Of Thieves is considered a family game despite its teenage rating, you can’t put swear words or offensive terms in your ship’s name. Probably the worst word you’ll be allowed to use is something like “loot”. Your ship’s name also cannot use numbers, periods, or certain special characters, and it cannot exceed 20 characters.

When you have finished entering your ship’s name, you will be taken to a final screen where you will confirm your ship purchase. Accept this, and as long as your ship’s name is deemed appropriate, you will now officially be the captain.

Once you have purchased a ship, you will be taken to a new sub-menu that will give you information and stats about your new ship. From there, you can restore your ship’s state to its original state if it took damage on a previous voyage, rename the ship if you have a rename deed, or dismantle the ship if you don’t want it anymore.

Keep in mind that dismantling a ship will cause you to lose all of the captain’s voyages and related progress.

Besides being able to name your ship, being a captain in Sea Of Thieves comes with some really great perks that make hacking a lot easier. On your first voyage with your newly purchased ship, The Pirate Lord will arrive and review the benefits you will now enjoy as captain. However, it buzzes for quite a while, so let’s just summarize what you can do now.

New ship cosmetic options for captains

First of all, owning a ship unlocks new cosmetic options for the interior and exterior of your ship. Your boat will now proudly bear its new name on a crest of the ship. You can customize this by unlocking or purchasing different crest styles. You can place trinkets and decorations around the ship to beautify it. Some of them can be purchased immediately, while others will need to be unlocked by reaching classes and reaching milestones with your ship. You can even change the furniture of the ship such as the bed, the curtains or the captain’s chair.

Speaking of cosmetics, you can now save specific cosmetic loadouts to your ship for a small amount of gold. This way, you no longer have to go through the ship customization chest in an outpost to apply each cosmetic one at a time. Instead, you can have your ship exactly the way you want it from the moment you load it up.

You can now keep track of what you’ve accomplished on your ship via your ship’s logbook. This will show you various stats such as how many voyages you have made, how much gold you have earned, who has been in your crew, how long has passed since your ship was last wrecked and others important information related to your pirate career. Like other aspects of your ship, the logbook can also be customized.

Be careful with this logbook as it may be valuable to other pirate crews. If your ship is sunk, the enemy ship that took you can steal your logbook and sell it to the Reaper’s Bones for a hefty reward. The value of a logbook will depend on how long your ship last sank.

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What the shipbuilder will do for you

It used to be that shipwrights were just the people you went to so you could get a fresh coat of paint for your ship and its parts. From now on, new functions will be available specifically for captains.

In addition to selling you the new ship cosmetics mentioned in the previous section, you can now buy supplies from Shipwrights. This means you can buy bundles of fruit, meat, cannonballs, special cannonballs, wood, and bait. Once purchased, they will be loaded into your ship’s supply drums. This is a good option to have because it means you no longer have to buy a storage crate and run around the outpost stealing supplies from every barrel you can find.

The Shipwright will also sell you Captain-only voyages. They will have trips from trading companies Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant’s Alliance. You will be able to purchase different tiers of trips based on your rank with each of these companies, and you can choose to purchase a single trip or a 5-trip package.

There will also be special voyages, such as Mercenary Voyages – which will be a mix of different voyages for each company – Ash Treasure Voyages, Athena’s Fortune Voyages, and Voyages reserved for players who have reached status. Pirate Legend. You’ll find these voyages on the shelf in your ship’s captain’s quarters, and you and your crew can then vote to pursue them using the captain’s table.

The Sovereigns

The final major perk of being a captain involves a new group of NPCs known as The Sovereigns. These arrogant aristocrats will be stationed at each of the seven main outposts across the sea. You’ll be able to spot them by looking for their tent which has something that looks like a giant ship’s mast sticking out of a dock on the outpost.

What are these rulers doing? Well, they make unloading your treasure a whole lot easier. Before, you each had to bring specific treasures to their respective trading companies (chests go to Gold Hoarders, skulls go to Order Of Souls, etc.) But with Sovereigns, you can take any old piece of loot to them, and you’ll receive the amount of gold and reputation you would have received by selling it to a company. This greatly speeds up the process of handing over your ill-gotten gains to an outpost. There’s even a Harpoon on Sovereign Stations, which you can use to quickly remove your loot from the ship.

However, Sovereigns will only take loot from commanded ships. So if your boat doesn’t have a captain, these guys won’t want anything to do with you. They also don’t deal with anything related to The Reaper’s Bones, so you can’t give them Stolen Emissary Flags or Ship’s Logs.

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