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How To Unlock Additional Ship Inventory Slots

Unlocking additional ship inventory slots is a necessity in No Man’s Sky, and there are several ways players can profitably achieve this.

The Ship Inventory is one of the most important upgrades available in No Man’s Sky, regardless of the class of ship a traveler chooses to explore the galaxy with. For a very long time, the inventory of ships was only divided into two different areas called “general” and “technology”. Anything that was part of the ship or stored in it could go into the general slots, but only installed equipment could be placed in the tech openings. It was therefore difficult to install the best possible upgrades in No Man’s Sky while maximizing vessel storage efficiency for long journeys away from any supplier or home base.


Thanks to No Man’s Sky Outlaws update additions and changes, all ships now have a third compartment which is explicitly for cargo storage. This makes all starships similar to the Exosuit, which has had general, tech, and cargo inventory categories for years. Upgrading Starship inventory slots has remained largely unchanged, but the addition of a cargo slot makes things much more expensive.

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Unlike Exosuit upgrades, which eventually receive a hard cap of 1 million units per new slot, ship inventory upgrades incrementally increase in price with each upgrade. Additionally, the upgrade price increase that applies to one inventory category is applied to the rest. This means that every time general storage is increased, the price of technology and charging slots also increases. There is currently an infinite money glitch in No Man’s Sky, which definitely makes upgrading more doable. However, this issue is a major surge and will likely be fixed as soon as possible.

How to Upgrade Ship Inventory (Easily) in No Man’s Sky

How to Upgrade Ship Inventory (Easily) in No Man's Sky

The best way to unlock more ship inventory in No Man’s Sky is by buying and dismantling cheaper high-end ships. The Shuttle and Explorer ship classes tend to be the most affordable high-tier ships, with their A-tier ships sometimes costing just over 1.2 million units at most. By purchasing a Rank A Shuttle or Explorer, players can dismantle the ship to recoup some of their money, but more importantly, they will likely receive a Storage Augmentation Module.

Storage increase modules can be used on any ship in the game, even the new solar-class ship in No Man’s Sky. These upgrade modules allow any of the inventory slots to be upgraded for free, making it much more cost effective than having to pay over 50 million units just to increase the number of additional slots available. . The best way to get more Storage Augment Mods is to hang out in a system that has a lot of Shuttles or Explorers landing in the station, then do a quick buy and scrap them for parts at the same terminal where ships can be upgraded from No Man’s Sky.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Android and Microsoft Windows.

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