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“I have full confidence in this ship”: Commanding Officer of HMCS Halifax, Nova Scotia, departs to support NATO mission

HMCS Halifax embarks Saturday afternoon for a mission in support of Operation Reassurance in Europe.

Cmdt. Dale St Croix, commanding officer of HMCS Halifax, said the 253 sailors, soldiers and airmen are likely to be in the North Sea, Baltic Sea or near Greenland, Iceland, the British Breach or possibly the Norwegian Sea.

“But anywhere in the eastern Atlantic – from the Strait of Gibraltar North – will be where we operate,” said Cmdr. Holy Cross.

It should take around two and a half weeks to get to Europe.

Before sailing to Europe, the ship will complete its gunnery training near Halifax. The targets will be deployed by aircraft from Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

The ship will also conduct helicopter training with aircraft from Shearwater.

HMCS Halifax returned from the Baltic region in July. His next overseas deployment was to be in the Middle East as part of a counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operation.

Like HMCS Montreal, the frigate is now part of a NATO mission as Russia attacks Ukraine.

“I think there’s a lot of excitement and some trepidation of course,” said Cmdr. Holy Cross.

With the days of departure distant, the tasks are not lacking. Sailors spent Thursday morning cleaning the ship, stocking the refrigerator and carrying out electrical repairs.

For some like Sub-Lt. Justine Garneau, this is her first deployment.

“Honestly, I’m really excited. The schedule has changed, but I’m just excited to be out there and finally doing what I’ve been training for a little while,” said Garneau.

Others like Sailor 1st Class Jason Mansfield, a naval communicator, have been deployed before.

“For me, I’m very lucky that our chain of command has extremely high knowledge and they pass it on,” he said.

Mansfield said the ship had a very good crew.

“A lot of us have stayed from the last deployment, we’ve settled in really well and we trust each other a lot. We’ve worked closely together and we’re ready to do what the country needs us to do,” he said. -he declares.

Cmdt. St Croix said every sailor has been trained to be combat ready and to fight fires and floods.

“When a ship goes to sea, we are pretty much combat ready, combat capable for a multitude of roles that the navy assigns,” said Cmdr. said Sainte-Croix.

He hopes diplomacy will prevail and fighting will not be necessary.

“But if so, I have full confidence in this ship, its capabilities and the capabilities of the crew that we can carry out whatever mission comes our way,” he said. declared.