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I will eventually be declared a candidate for the government of Ogun – Segun Sowunmi

Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial contender in Ogun State, Otunba Segun Showunmi has pledged to see the ongoing battle for the gubernatorial ticket of the left..

In an interview on ThisMorning with Yori Folarin, the PDP aspirant who wanted to become the party’s gubernatorial candidate said he will eventually be declared a gubernatorial candidate otherwise the party will end up seeing the interpretation from its summit fully in the fulness of time.

Mr Showunmi, who said he did not want to dwell on the crisis, went on to say that things needed to be clarified.


He said: ‘I had asked early and said an adult delegate could not hold primaries when one of the candidates alleged and said on tape, video and newspapers that the exco overseeing this matter had bought his form.

“As a responsible member of the party, I wrote to the party that we had a few options: to dissolve them for abuse of power and violation of the PDP constitution, to reconstitute a small panel to examine this matter and to give us something which seems be a minimum of equity.

“I gave a number of sound and progressive advice, and explained that if they didn’t do what was necessary, I would have no alternative but to seek redress in court.

“When they didn’t move in time, I took them to court. I kept advising them on various cases that were pending.

“They attempted to impose a perfect faith on me because of their persistent failure to follow even their own rules and by acting almost like perpetual scorners of the court.”

Mr. Sowunmi further explained that for some reasons, his request for self-jurisdiction was rejected without going into the merits of the case.

“Pulsively and diligently, I went all the way to the appeals court, before we did anything like primaries and the appeals court ruled.”

He said the Court of Appeal was very thorough in its judgment and gave him victory in this first step, adding that every Nigerian must be able to exercise his legal rights within the law.

Sowunmi went on to say that democracy requires everyone to have a fair chance to gain access to it, and the judiciary, as the pillar that keeps society going, requires that anyone who comes before a court is given a fair hearing.

Ogun’s gubernatorial candidate expressed concern that the party, which has been in existence since 1998, still has integrity issues in its processes.

“What I am fighting for is to insist that democratic institutions, parties are the first safeguard in a democracy and therefore they owe it to everyone to make sure that they don’t trust the people,” Sowunmi said.