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Icon of the Seas construction update: mysterious sphere installed on the ship

Although we don’t yet know what it is, the sphere-shaped object that is part of Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship has been installed on board.

Royal Caribbean has released a new build update teaser that talks about the pearl-like object being added to Icon of the Seas.

We first spotted this object in December 2021, and it remains a mystery as to what it could be. Royal Caribbean has not confirmed what it is, but we now know where it is.

In the video update, the object was placed roughly amidships, in the middle of the various Icon of the Seas blocks during its construction progress.

It is 46 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter, with 578 aluminum exterior panels.

According to the update, the object weighs 175 metric tons and was transferred on a barge to the shipyard for installation.

Icon of the Seas is under construction in Turku, Finland.

Other interesting facts:

  • 9 miles of cables for power and lighting
  • 1,323 feet of air conditioning ducts
  • Steel mounting frames inside
  • It took two tugs to move it to the shipyard
  • A 5,600 metric ton crane lifted it into position
  • It took 45,000 man hours to build the sphere

What is the sphere?

Since news of the sphere’s existence broke, Royal Caribbean has not confirmed what it is.

In fact, Royal Caribbean has not released any information about the ship’s design.

In March 2022, Royal Caribbean’s Senior Vice President and Director of Product Innovation, Jay Schneider, said of the new class of ships, “everything you see on the icon will be an evolution or a revolution “.

“And and we will keep moving forward being at the top of the mantle on the ultimate family vacation.”

There have been quite a few guesses shared on social media as to what the sphere might be, but that remains a question.

Either way, we’ll have to wait for Royal Caribbean to reveal that later.

Icon of the Seas will be the first Icon-class ship to launch. Delivery is scheduled for fall 2023 and two more Icon-class ships are on order.

The other two ships will be delivered in 2025 and 2026.