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Iran seizes smuggled vessel with 550,000 liters of fuel

TEHRAN – The commander of border guards in southern Iran’s Hormozgan province announced on Tuesday the seizure of a vessel smuggled in 550,000 liters of fuel.

Col. Hossein Dahki said in a press statement that “During an operation in the protection zone, the border guards of the naval base of Bandar Langeh, in cooperation with the border guards of the province of Bushehr, have managed to spot a ship carrying contraband fuel to be transported east of Maru Island.

“During the inspection of the ship, border guards were able to find 550,000 liters of smuggled diesel and arrested 7 smugglers in this regard,” he said, adding that plans were underway to crack down. smuggling fuel and goods, cleaning up pollutants and criminals. and fight smugglers across the Border Strip in the Southern Coast Province.

In April, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) navy said it arrested a number of ships in southeastern and southern Iran smuggling fuel.

The commander of the IRGC navy’s Imam Ali base in Chabahar said his forces seized three contraband fuel shipments totaling 150,000 liters, Tasnim reported.

Captain Mohammad Nozari said the vessels were planned to smuggle the fuel into a neighboring country, adding that all those involved in the act, including Iranian and foreign nationals, have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Colonel Gholamhossein Hosseini, head of the media office of the IRGC’s second naval field, told Fars News that IRGC forces seized a foreign ship carrying 200,000 liters of contraband fuel in northern Persian Gulf.

The colonel said eight of the ship’s crew had been handed over to legal authorities in Bushehr.

“The fight against smuggling, especially fuel smuggling, is one of the important priorities of the IRGC Navy which is pursued in order to support domestic production and the dynamism of the country’s economy,” he said. he declares.

Colonel Hosseini has warned that the waters of the Persian Gulf will not be secure for smugglers.