Ship boat

Junta navy ship hit by AA bombardment

Narinjara News, September 18, 2022

A Military navy ship faced shelling Members of the Arakan Army (AA) in a stream in Taungup township Friday noon, where the ship was heavily damaged, local residents said.

After the incident in the southern district town of Arakan, the navy vessel was arrested near Ma Kyi Kyun Island. We assume that the motor broke down and the soldiers got out and took a different ship.

Along with the soldiers, the ship was loaded with military equipment with foodstuffs and this started Taungup’s journey locality.

The AA attack took place near the Shwe Linyeon sea pier, which is very close to Bellugyi Taung mountain (Nget Pyaw Chaung stream).

Shortly after the attack, the ship’s soldiers responded by firing heavy weapons. Residents informed that there had been an exchange of fire
by small and large arms.

“We heard about 16 shell shots. After about 20 minutes, it’s over,” the residents added.

Several soldiers are believed to have been killed in the attack, but none details were available with Narinjara News.

The soldiers were transported from Taungup to Kyauk Phyu Township as junta forces were fighting AA members there.

It can be mentioned that the AA targeted a military ship for the first time. Both Authority Armed Forces and A.A. fought in various parts of Rakhine State. Lately the the battle has intensified from north to south of the state.

Now Burmese soldiers inspect boats traveling in the stream. They also continue to control neighboring villagers, said the