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KVH AgilePlans celebrates its fifth anniversary – Digital Ship

KVH is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its AgilePlans Connectivity as a Service, an innovative, all-inclusive communications subscription service.

Traditionally, the only way to bring global satellite communications onboard a commercial vessel has been to purchase CAPEX-intensive equipment or lease on a long-term basis, hampering fleet managers’ ability to adapt. to various operational needs. With its simple monthly subscription, AgilePlans provides fleet and vessel managers with commitment-free flexibility, as well as the ability to quickly deploy systems to meet changing operational needs.

“We have decided to remove the CAPEX barrier and enable accelerated deployment of shipboard communication systems worldwide,” said Mark Woodhead, Executive Vice President of Mobile Connectivity at KVH.

“Thousands of ships now rely on AgilePlans and its all-inclusive subscription for affordable broadband connectivity for operations and crew, all carried over our global High Throughput Satellite (HTS) network from our partner Intelsat. And while maritime connectivity aggregators have tried to emulate AgilePlans, no other provider offers the same compelling package of integrated hardware and airtime combined with crew welfare and operations content, free delivery and installation, zero maintenance costs, and more. Additionally, we will soon be adding SPORTSlink Stats, an innovative new real-time stats feature for major sports, as a free Crew Wellness benefit through AgilePlans.

“For us, it is very important to work with a company that can provide the ease and flexibility of paying monthly without any worries of commitment,” Holger Börchers, IT manager for Briese Schiffahrt, explained recently, after the ship’s manager chose AgilePlans. aboard more than 35 ships. “It shows that KVH understands the commercial marine market and the fact that fleet sizes are changing.”

The fast and reliable VSAT connectivity provided by AgilePlans is also appreciated for IoT connectivity by fleets who see the financial benefits of real-time data for IoT/remote support applications such as remote equipment monitoring, remote technical assistance, vessel tracking, voyage planning, video conferencing, etc. These applications are supported using the high-speed, unlimited-use concurrent channels offered by the KVH TracPhone HTS 60cm and 1m series terminals available as part of an AgilePlans subscription.

KVH’s HTS network uses Intelsat’s FlexMaritime service to provide global multi-layer coverage, allowing vessels to view multiple HTS and wide-beam satellites for maximum broadband service availability.