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LibreOffice 7.3 will ship with support for two invented languages; Klingon and Interslave

The popular open source office suite, LibreOffice, will support two languages ​​built (manufactured) from early February with the launch of LibreOffice 7.3. The two languages ​​are Star Trek’s Klingon – the language of the Klingons, and Interslave, a language believed to bridge the language gap between Slavic languages ​​such as Russian and Polish.

Since LibreOffice is mainly funded by donations, some of its benefactors will undoubtedly wonder if their money is not wasted on the implementation of these languages ​​due to the fact that they have a small number of speakers. In response to this concern, The Document Foundation (which runs LibreOffice) said it’s important to remember that the community is building the suite so that individual contributors can work on things that are important to them, hence a no one working on a Klingon translation is stopping the larger project from working on other important tasks.

Commenting on the inclusion of the new languages, The Document Foundation said:

“While the support for Klingon and Interslavic appears to be new, it shows just how versatile free and open source software is. … LibreOffice is available in over 100 languages, and we would like to expand it even more. The more languages ​​the better, especially if we can help build IT skills in places that otherwise don’t have software in their native language! “

According to release notes for LibreOffice 7.3, the new language support was added by Eike Rathke who currently works at Red Hat, which is just one of the many companies that contribute to open source projects like LibreOffice and benefit from the software in return.