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Liebherr expands its crane portfolio for heavy-lift ships with a new 800-tonne crane

LiebherrThe heavy-duty crane series is being expanded with an 800-ton crane, according to the company’s statement. The aim with the new crane is to establish itself in the growing market for increasingly large components in the wind power industry. The crane is fully electrically powered and thus enables a reduction of CO2 emissions on the ship side in typical scenarios for heavy lift vessels.

The growth of wind turbines results in increasingly heavy individual component weights. In addition, the handling of large components requires a greater reach of the cranes used than is often the case in the market. The supply of heavy lift vessels with cranes offering a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tons is lower than the expected future demand. Liebherr therefore sees a growing market in this segment of cranes and in the corresponding new shipbuilding. The Liebherr ship crane enters a new segment and expands the product portfolio of heavy duty ship cranes.

In addition to the much larger dimensions of the crane, the LS 800 E is particularly impressive thanks to its fully electric drive concept. All sections of the crane are electrically driven. As a result, the machine achieves higher energy efficiency and thus significantly reduces the ship’s CO2 emissions. Liebherr is already prepared for the future environmental requirements of the maritime industry.

The new “Master V” control unit offers the highest computing power. The accompanying faster data processing enables the integration of future help systems and semi-automated process applications. All heavy duty cranes feature the in-house developed Litronic control system. It combines speed and precision and thus guarantees a safe and at the same time efficient loading process. Continuous development means that the latest features and applications will continue to be available for Liebherr ship cranes in the future.

When designing the LS 800 E, the designation of the Liebherr ship cranes has been further adjusted. Instead of the old crane designation CBB, the cranes will be called LS in the future. New terms and capitalizations used allow direct assignment like Liebherr (L) – ship crane (S). The number, as part of the designation, provides information on the maximum load capacity, which is 800 tonnes for the LS 800 E. The E stands for electric drive and is supplemented by the suffix “All electric” in the case of an electric crane like the LS 800 E.

The exterior design of the crane has been renewed. The crane is factory-colored white and gray and the crane designation can be found on the tower. The blue accent and the blue E symbol next to the crane type designation visually clarify the electric drive of the machine. This allows all future customers to communicate advanced, low-emission crane technology directly to their stakeholders.