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Living full time on a cruise ship? It’s now a thing

What are your retirement plans? What if you ever plan to retire? I’m not sure I’ll ever fully retire. I would most likely want to take a part-time job, to save a few dollars, but not enough work to keep me from enjoying my retirement years.

And the next question is, where will you spend your retirement years? Are you happy living in the northeast part of the country, or would you like to take a risk and head for warmer, less snowy climes?

I think I would appreciate this option. I have a travel trailer so I could sell my house, hook up the camper to a tow vehicle and head out to see the country while I’m healthy and can do it. And then maybe move to a warmer climate once I clear the travel virus from my system.

Many people have become full-time RVers as they are called and are loving the experience, but it’s not for everyone. Living full time in an RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc. is much less space than what you are used to living in a house or even an apartment.

But here’s another thought. What if you lived your retirement years on a cruise ship? Apparently that’s one thing. According to Site worthy of the name a couple from Seattle, Washington, who are only in their 50s, have sold their house and moved to cruise ships.

the article notes that the retired couple realized it would be cheaper to live on a cruise ship than to pay the mortgage on the house they lived in. And they don’t have to pay for the food, since it’s provided on the boat. They are hopping from ship to ship to experience different cruises, at an average cost of around $44 per night per person, and they have no plans to relocate to the mainland.

the Site worthy of the name mentions that the retired couple have been able to achieve this dream by spending their lives in responsibility. I guess saving money and spending less on things you don’t need helps make this possible. Well, that matters to me.

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