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Man makes “pirate ship” for cute cats out of cardboard boxes. Watch | Tendency

This video that was shared on Reddit shows how a person uses Amazon delivery boxes to make a “pirate ship” for their cats.

There’s no shortage of adorable pet videos on the internet, especially on Reddit. One such video, which recently went viral on Reddit, shows how a person uses Amazon delivery boxes to build a pirate ship for their cats. If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this is “How did they do it?” – you have to watch this entertaining video to find out.

The video is a series of photos that have been neatly compiled to show how the human departed from some discarded cardboard Amazon delivery boxes. They then shaped these boxes and painted on them to make these boxes look like a real pirate ship from a children’s book. Cats can also be seen sitting on and around it, enjoying playtime.

The title of this video, which is too precious, reads: “I made my cats a pirate ship from an Amazon Prime box.” This video was posted on the popular r/cats subReddit. And chances are that just one look at this adorable video will brighten your day, as it does for many other people using the internet.

Take a look at the cute cat video below:

Just over 11 hours ago this cat video was posted on Reddit. It received many positive comments from cat lovers who couldn’t help laughing and enjoying the “pirate ship”. It also got over 1,400 upvotes so far.

One Reddit user wrote, “Wow this is awesome! Lucky cats!” “I see the ‘meowtiny’ pun here! another observed. To that, the original poster replied, “I like a good pun.” A third hilariously posted from the cat’s perspective and shared, “This is amazing! If I was your cat, I would never leave this ship – it’s adorable.

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