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Massive waves prevent Princess Cruises ship from docking

Bad weather in the area producing massive waves, strong winds and swells, Princess Cruises princess coral was unable to dock as planned in Brisbane, Australia.

Bad weather has delayed the disembarkation of the ship’s current sailing by at least a full day, which will also delay the start of its next sailing.

The waves keep the ship at sea

Waves measured in excess of 20ft (6.5m) battered the coastline, and Brisbane is under a severe weather warning for dangerous waves and damaging gusty winds, which at times approach the force of storms. gusts of wind.

These conditions closed the port, preventing any ships – including the cruise ship – from docking until the weather calmed down and it was safe to approach the docks.

princess coral was due to complete a 12-night ‘Queensland and New South Wales Coast’ round-trip itinerary by Friday July 22, 2022, having enjoyed visits to Sydney, Newcastle, Cairns, Port Douglas, and more. Instead, the ship remained safely at sea, away from the pounding waves.

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The 7NEWS local station reported that the cruise ship was operating at low speeds off the coast to maintain stability and maintain operations until conditions improve.

Princess Cruises is also remaining alert to the situation and providing updates to passengers on board as well as guests booked for the upcoming sailing, which now needs to be shortened and adjusted.

“The Port of Brisbane is closed with pilotage operations suspended due to adverse weather conditions associated with the East Coast Low pressure off Queensland,” Princess Cruises said in a statement.

It is not yet known when the ship will be able to dock safely, as inclement weather is expected to last until Sunday.

“Confirmation of arrival details is dependent on the resumption of pilotage services and the reopening of the port as conditions improve,” said Princess Cruises.

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Shipboard operations are unaffected except for standard severe weather measures such as pool and outdoor deck closures and entertainment changes for performer safety. There was no impact on hotel or restaurant operations.

Coral Princess in Brisbane
Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Local weather offices, port officials and cruise line authorities continue to monitor the situation and will bring the ship to dock as soon as it is safe to do so. As in any severe weather situation, the safety of passengers and ship’s crew is the first priority.

So far, no injuries or damage have been reported on board.

And the next cruise?

The Coral-class cruise ship, which first joined Princess Cruises in 2003, was due to depart on its next voyage on Friday July 22, but of course that turned out to be impossible. This sailing was to be a 7 night round trip Queensland sailing, calling at Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas and Willis Island.

No definitive plans have yet been announced on how the next navigation will be adjusted, as it is not confirmed when the ship will be able to dock and disembark from the current navigation.

It is likely that Princess Cruises will offer partial refunds and/or onboard credit as compensation to passengers for their shortened sailing, but no details have been released.

princess coral was the first Princess Cruises ship to resume passenger operations in Australia, having left Brisbane in mid-June for his first-ever Down Under season. The ship did not have an easy inaugural season, and came under intense media scrutiny on a high number of COVID-19 cases reported on board earlier this month.

princess coral has a capacity of 1,970 passengers and is apparently sailing at full occupancy. There are also about 900 crew members on board. While they may still have a few hours of inclement weather, Cruise Hive wishes everyone on board a smooth cruise and a safe return to port.

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