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New $2.6 million ship for South Guadalcanal constituency – Solomon Star News

Residents of the South Guadalcanal constituency – the neighborhoods of Duidui, Vatukulau and Talise – will now have a ship to answer their long cries of lack of shipping services perhaps since independence.

This was revealed this week by Hon. John Stewart – MPA for Duidui Ward, who helps support the Hon. Rollen Seleso (MP for South Guadalcanal) in negotiating the purchase of the $2.6 million SBD vessel under the National Transportation Fund.

According to the Hon. John Stewart, when commissioned, the vessel will be known as ‘MV. South Coast’, formerly ‘MV. Southern Cross’ under the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM).

It will be managed by the constituency’s commercial arm, the South Guadalcanal Corporate Service Company Ltd (SGCSCL).

GP Media understands that the SCG managed to win the old MV. Southern Cross through a competition. The SGC was the highest compared to other bidders with $2 million SBD despite the vessel’s original value of $3.1 million SBD. However, SGC managed to negotiate the agreed price of $2.6 million SBD after its own team conducted a re-evaluation of the vessel in Taroniara on Sunday 13 2022.

Hon. Stewart recognized the Hon. Rollen Seleso for his determination and vision to purchase the former MV Southern Cross and that it will serve not only the South Guadalcanal constituency but also East and West Guadalcanal.

“I would like to thank the Honorable Member of South Guadalcanal for his determination, vision and support of the SGC team in finally securing a vessel for South Guadalcanal. I hope the shipping service provided will not only serve the constituency of Guadalcanal south, but also the constituencies of Guadalcanal east and west,” he said.

He continued, “Duidui Ward was one of the largest suppliers of copra and dried cocoa beans in the past, but the lack of consistent shipping services has contributed significantly to the decline in production of these two products. . Therefore, it is my hope that once the SGCSCL formalizes the management and policy aspect of it, we aim to provide the much needed services that most of the people of South Guadalcanal have been deprived of for centuries”.

The good news is not only welcomed by South Guadalcanal voters, but also by other Guadalcanal residents after it was posted on the Guadalcanal Forum’s Facebook page online.

The deputy. Prime Minister Francis Sade also sends his messages of congratulations. He writes “Congratulations to our people of South Guadalcanal. Thank you Hon Seleso and the team”.

The future ‘MV. Southern Coast” is envisaged to contribute to the maritime services of the province of Guadalcanal as a whole.

– GP Media