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New fuels, distribution as part of MSC’s CO2 reduction plan

cruise operator Mediterranean shipping company (MSC) is confident of reaching the International Maritime Organizationthe intensity target before the scheduled date.

Notwithstanding the pandemic disruptions, the company says in its latest sustainability report that it will “achieve the IMO intensity ambition of 40% reduction [in CO2 output] by 2027 – three years ahead of the industry’s target date of 2030″.

The company’s roadmap to achieve net zero status by 2050 and new build plan “will be subject to regular review as technologies develop, commercial viability is assured and new opportunities emerge.” are presented”.

Regarding new fuels, the company plans to work with technology providers to develop new fuels with reduced or zero emissions and to have “direct engagement with energy suppliers to ensure the delivery and storage system in order to bring these new fuels to market”.

In 2021, MSC vessels used in total 350,724 metric tons (mt) of bunker fuel and product 1,103,320mt of CO2, according to the report. Fuel consumption for cruise-only operations was 239,483 tons. Its fleet includes 19 ships including 14 are equipped with purifiers.