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New Zealand: Ship hit by whale, 2 dead in accident, others missing

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A ship hit by a whale near Kaikoura on New Zealand’s South Island
Two people died in the incident and three are missing.
The incident happened Saturday morning near Goose-Bay, south of the coastal town.

wellingtons. A ship has been hit by a whale off New Zealand’s South Island near Kaikoura, leaving two dead and three missing. At the same time, six were rescued, including the captain of the boat. The incident happened Saturday morning near Goose-Bay, south of the coastal town. The wrecked vessel is believed to be linked to the local fishing charter business.

People gathered on the south shore of Goose-Bay to watch the recovery of the boat and await further news, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. A local woman said the incident looked like a strange accident. Everyone is very surprised, we are still waiting for news of the missing persons. While Kaikoura Mayor Craig McLay said people are eagerly waiting to hear about the missing, there is a sense of unease among people.

According to those at the scene, the dive team has reached and is next to the capsized vessel. Simultaneously, divers try to find the missing people. Mayor Maclay said many volunteers showed up to help. According to Maclay, six people were taken to a local medical center for treatment. He said firefighters, ambulances and police vehicles are on the scene.

Maclay said people’s feelings were changing very quickly as the rescue operations continued. Police said in a statement they were responding to the incident, but did not provide much information about it at this time. Police said the South Bay slipway had been closed to the general public.

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