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Nexans High Voltage at Berkeley Co. unveils new vessel

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – A Berkeley County factory has added a new tool to its arsenal that will help connect high-voltage submarine power cables to offshore wind farms.

Nexans High Voltage has unveiled the Aurora, which the company says will play a vital role as the United States pushes for more clean energy in the years to come.

The Aurora can hold up to 10,000 tons of high-voltage submarine power cables that are factory-built just outside Goose Creek and can go into waters previously considered too shallow.

It is a vessel capable of installing cables to offshore wind farms, such as an upcoming project off the coast of Carolina.

The United States plans to auction more than 110,000 acres of offshore land near Myrtle Beach that could power up to 500,000 homes. The auction will take place in May.

Brian Boan, director of facilities and industrial products, says the Aurora could help connect these turbines to the mainland.

“It’s strategically built so we can lay cables anywhere in the world, shallow water, deep water,” Boan said. “We can outfit the vessel with many different facilities, means and criteria, so we can handle just about any project that any customer has in the world in the submarine market.”

Aurora’s first mission will be to connect cables from North America to an offshore wind farm off the coast of Scotland.

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