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Norwegian cancels Escape ship cruise to complete repairs

Norwegian Cruise Line has canceled another sailing on its Norwegian Escape ship after the ship ran aground in the Dominican Republic last week due to additional time needed for repairs.

“Repairs to Norwegian Escape will take longer than expected,” Christine Da Silva, Norwegian’s senior vice president of brand and communications, told USA TODAY in a statement Wednesday.

The ship’s March 26 departure has been cancelled.

“We are optimistic that the issue will be resolved shortly and we will resume normal operations on April 2, 2022,” Da Silva said. “We apologize to our guests for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate their patience and understanding.”

The cruise line was unable to provide additional information about damage to the ship that needs to be repaired before sailing can resume.

The canceled voyage is the next event in a series that began after the vessel collided with the channel bed in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic on March 14.

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The cruise ended abruptly for passengers who were on board the sailing which was due to end on Saturday. Days after the sailing cancellation was announced on March 15, some were still in the Dominican Republic trying to get home after a disorganized disembarkation that left passengers frustrated.