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President Tsai boards military ship to observe combat readiness exercise

Taipei, July 26 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) boarded a Kidd-class destroyer to observe a joint naval combat readiness exercise on Tuesday, the second day of the live-fire phase of the Han Kuang annual military exercises.

Tsai was on a destroyer named Keelung, which left Su’ao Naval Base in eastern Yilan County in the morning.

The exercise featured 20 different navy and coast guard vessels, including the Zuoying and Keelung missile-guided destroyers, Kang Ding and Cheng Kung-class frigates, and Tuo Chiang-class corvettes, as well as the submarine Navy’s Hai Lung class. .

Meanwhile, the Air Force’s F-16V, Mirage 2000 and domestically-built IDF fighter jets as well as P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes also took part in the drill. joint which took place at sea off the naval base of Su’ao. .

The exercise aimed to test the joint defense capabilities of the armed forces against a Chinese maritime invasion and included port air defense and anti-mining drills as well as joint anti-submarine operations.

The Coast Guard Administration also deployed its 600-ton Chengkung (成功) patrol boat to conduct anti-surface warfare operations with the navy.

Hsu Wen-lung (徐文龍), captain of the destroyer Keelung, told reporters that the navy also works closely with the coast guard to share information on maritime activities around Taiwan, conduct maritime patrols and combat the enemy in time of war. .

Military spokesman Sun Li-fang (孫立方) said the combat readiness drill was invaluable to the military and the military will continue to improve its combat skills and capabilities through the training.

Tuesday’s exercises also marked the second time President Tsai has boarded a warship to inspect a military exercise since taking office in May 2016, the first time in April 2018 to observe a preparation exercise. in combat at sea.

As with previous editions, this year’s Han Kuang again takes place in two phases: war games and live fire exercises.

The war games phase took place around the clock from May 16 to 20, while the live-fire exercises began on Monday and will continue until Friday.