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Raids in Douro Azul – cruise line of media magnate Mário Ferreira

Media mogul Mário Ferreira has been in the news a lot lately. Notably because of his lawsuit against former MEP Ana Gomes who repeatedly alleged ‘corruption’ in the ‘low price’ sale of the Atlântida cruise ship to one of her companies, only to be resold shortly. afterwards with huge profit.

It is “an old story” that has been brewing for years.

The latest “news” arrived earlier this week in the form of a massive bung to another of the companies in Mr. Ferreira’s empire – representing more than half of the community funding that arrived in Portugal under the auspices of a post-Covid “strategic recapitalization fund”.

And today, news of the “searches” in the very company at the forefront of the defamation case against Ana Gomes: Douro Azul.

They started early this morning, led by DCIAP (the criminal investigation and penal action department) and AT (the tax administration), report SIC and CM TV – while Mário Ferreira, still presented as “the boss of TVI’, took to social media to insist he is ‘not charged with anything’ and has not been named’argued‘ (official suspect) in any legal proceedings.

In a post on Facebook, he alluded to his “friend” Paulo Fernandes (president of the Cofina group, of which Correio da Manhã is part) having promised to “destroy” Ferreira’s life whether it moved forward with the purchase of Media Capital (which it did).

“Today his Correio da Manhã once again launches a ferocious attack. They know that I am not accused of anything. The combination of Ana Gomes sending letters with false accusations, and CM taking advantage of the news, seems like a virtuous model of selling newspapers… To my “friend” Paulo, I will always respond with the work done and I will never do to him what I don’t like to be done to me…”

Among yesterday’s media stories, Mr. Ferreira again wrote a lengthy Facebook post, lamenting “The Portugal of small people who despise entrepreneurs and praise the mangoes of the alpaca…highlighting how rigorous the application of community funding for his portfolio company which received over €40 million in support had been.

Some will say: “there’s no smoke without fire”: today’s research, which apparently has took place in Porto, Funchal, Malta and in law firmswere simply triggered by a malicious media campaign and false claims by a former MEP?

That’s what we may soon find out.

Certainly, the latest hearing regarding Ana Gomes’ defamation lawsuits saw the former president of EMPORDEF and head of the liquidation committee of the shipyards of Viana do Castelo (ENVC) attest to “high corruption” in the sale of the boat to the shipping company Douro Azul.

A great corruption “that involved politicians in the service, the board of directors of the ENVC, the jury of the sale, Banco Espírito Santo and the buyer”, declared João Pedro Martins.

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