Ship boat

Return of the tall ship Johanna Lucretia

THREE charities have worked together to provide pupils in Pembrokeshire with a unique opportunity within the Milford Haven waterway.

Thanks to the Tall Ships (Wales) Trust, The Island Trust and Dragon LNG Darwin Experience, eight students from Ysgol Harri Tudur were able to spend a fully funded day on board the Johanna Lucretia where they developed both their sailing skills and in science.

From sweating and queuing to taking the helm, they were involved in every aspect of the ship’s navigation. In the early afternoon, it was time to deploy a large plankton net to collect samples to examine under the microscope.

Students record air and water temperature, calculate water salinity using a refractometer, familiarize themselves with a Beaufort scale to assess sea state, and work on their compass .

Once they pulled up the plankton net, their identification skills were put to the test. The students successfully identified crab larvae, polychaete worms, water fleas and barnacle larvae.

Their journey started and ended at Hobb’s Point, heading towards Dale before ascending the Cleddau.

The Johanna Lucretia had been brought to Pembrokeshire to celebrate Seafair Haven, a small river boat festival that has been going on since 2006.

Samantha Williams, Head of Darwin Experience, said: “Teaming up with the Tall Ships (Wales) Trust and The Island Trust to engage young people through sailing and science has been a great way to expose young people in Pembrokeshire to a range of careers and volunteering opportunities at sea that they may not have had before. have imagined.