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Riviera – Events – Vessel Navigation and Route Optimization Webinar Week

Be sure to join us for the week of webinars on marine navigation and route optimization

Weather routing. Optimization of trips. Arrived just in time.

Starting Tuesday, July 5, Riviera will host a series of webinars focusing on weather routing, trip optimization and just-in-time arrivals. Each webinar is meticulously researched and addresses a key industry challenge, puzzle or opportunity.

Our webinars are designed to strike the right balance between imparting key information and interacting with the assembled panel of experts. Those who register will also receive copies of the webinar materials after the event.

Our discussions are focused, cover advertised topics, and provide registrants with actionable insights.

Registration is free, please register below.

To secure a position on one of the webinar panels, as a premium partner, sponsored presenter and panelist, please contact Paul Dowling. A number of positions are made available throughout our webinar weeks for our business partners on a first come, first served basis.

Please join us for any or all of the following:

Link weather routing and better vessel operating decisions to save time and money

Date: tuesday july 5 Weather: 09:00-09:45 BST


Weather routing and fuel costs, accuracy of port arrival times and carbon emissions – including the influence on a vessel’s Carbon Intensity Index (CII).

Join us to discuss

  • Weather routing, fuel consumption and emission reduction
  • How weather data-driven insights enable faster, safer and fuel-efficient travel
  • Bunkering and Emissions Savings Reported
  • Role of Weather Routing in Minimizing Cargo Losses and Vessel Emergencies
  • Taking care of the customer: weather routing and passenger experience
  • Caring for cargo: bad weather routing and cargo liquefaction
  • Weather routing and carbon intensity index (CII) of a ship

Improved trip optimization: compliance, revenue potential, improved efficiency and reduced emissions

Date: Wednesday, July 6 Weather: 09:00-09:45 BST


This webinar will help owners and operators benchmark their current travel optimization practices and assess how well they support today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for compliance, revenue generation, efficiency and of emissions.

Join us to discuss

  • Factors Affecting Transoceanic Voyages, Ship Speeds and Emission Reductions
  • Reconcile estimated time of arrival with fuel consumption
  • How to comply with IMO CII and EEXI: slow steaming or voyage optimization?
  • Vessel-specific voyage optimization or fleet-wide navigation support
  • Developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • What recent travel optimization case studies reveal

Harness the benefits of just-in-time arrivals

Date: Thursday July 7 Weather: 09:00-09:45 BST


China’s Covid-19 shutdowns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have led to further disruptions to global supply chains as well as port congestion. Vessel operators with real-time visibility into port waiting times are able to calculate optimal vessel speeds and routes to enable just-in-time arrival and accommodate any changes or delays encountered along the way. Avoiding idling at anchor and extended turn times in port means lower fuel costs, better vessel utilization, reduced fleet emissions and better CII ratings. The carrier can also report superior on-time performance statistics, a magnet for current and future customers and charters.

Join us to discuss

  • What just-in-time arrival means for ports and shipping lines
  • Balancing just-in-time arrivals and largest shipping with deviation requirements
  • The essential role of ECDIS and data exchange
  • AIS and VDES and enhanced data exchange platforms
  • Regional and international just-in-time use cases
  • Is the IMO about to impose just-in-time protocols?